The Chairmen of the Boards

The Chairmen of the Boards

The Chairmen of the Boards is a podcast about board games, board game culture, and the trials of adult male virginity.
We're here. We're playing Boardgames. We're talking about it.

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    Pitch, Please

    I have an even more insufferable alternative title, too: "Pitches Be Crazy"

    But two people who sure aren't suffering are Fred Benenson and Alex Hague; Co-Creators of Pitch Deck, the world's latest and greatest party game.

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    War Cults: Cults About War

    Having completed a cursory review of the American Civil War (the war voted least amenable to a Heavy Metal Soundtrack) our intrepid Chairmen agreed they deserved a treat. They decided to seek an audience with the most metal game designer of all time: Nate Hayden.

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    War Games: Game about War (Vol 2)

    In volume 2 of TCOTB's new 900 Volume series on War Games, Boards Chairman Jesse Mayhew and Intrepid War Games Correspondent Pete Martyn take a further leap back in time to The Civil War; a period both Chairmen agree to be 'The Dark Ages of War:' no more Suits of Armor, but not yet any tanks! An era where men ran at one another with rather uninspired grey and blue pajamas and dull bayonets. Historians agree; it is the least amenable war to a Heavy Metal Soundtrack.

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    War Games: Games About War (Volume I)

    In this Season 2 Premiere, TCOTB introduces our new 900 volume series on War Games; a review of every last war game designed by mankind. We will cover everything from the earlest conflicts between neanderthals and homo sapiens, to Holy Wars, to Mommy Wars.

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    Lord Commander of the Nerd's Watch

    Nerds gather, and now his watch begins.

    It shall not end until his death. He shall take no wife, hold no hands, father no children.

    He shall wear no crowns and win no glory. (Unless you count the victory point track In Blood Rage or the Crown Counter In Citadels. These are obvious exceptions that we shouldn't have to point out.)

    He shall live and die at his post, He is the Foam LARP sword in the Darkness. The Watcher on the Wall (of discounted non-mint condition pre-owned games).

    He is James Olchowski, Lord Commander of the Nerd's Watch - and you owe him your allegiance!!

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    Do you think you have what it takes to run an arcade bar? Do you, punk? Do you like hunting down CRT monitors? Getting ripped off by shady restaurant equipment wholesalers? Securing health code certifications? No?

    Neither do your pals, The Chairmen, but we did the next best thing: host a Q&A with George Myers and Greg Stutsman, the wily restauranteurs behind The Quarters, western Massachusetts’s premier video game arcade/watering hole, right off the beloved Rail Trail bike path.

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    Wherefore art thou, Daviau?

    If you've never played a boardgame before and think that this podcast is about proper corporate boardroom etiquette, it may interest you to know that Rob Daviau is an award-winning game designer whose games have been sold world-wide. He is the co-designer of Pandemic Legacy (Season 1), the highest-rated game on

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    Fire and Ice. Light and Darkness. Sigfried and Roy. Such are Arvid and Jesse, the Chairmen of the Boards.

    This week, the Chairmen get down ’n dirty with the video game Bloodborne – nay, the oeuvre of Japanese game design maestro Hidetaka Miyazaki. Arvid, if ever he ran into Miyazaki, would probably start furiously humping his leg like a horny little dog. Arvid thinks Miyazaki is the best!

    Jesse? Not so much.

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    ZCON: An Oral History

    Having narrowly survived his encounter with The Virgin Queen and with the scent of pie in the air, Board Chairman Jesse Mayhew sensed it was time to begin his annual pilgrimage to ZOMGALOMECON: the most feared and respected housecon in all of Guilford, Vermont.

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    Deflowered: The Chairmen Play The Virgin Queen

    To give you an idea of how grueling a session of The Virgin Queen truly is, Google's Go Computer was slated to sit down at the table with us, and upon processing the rule book, it promptly hanged itself.

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